Thursday 13th October

As a special treat, we were lucky enough to grab a gig with John Mason (CAB Collective, UK band) with special guest Dave Williams. Dave is no stranger to Thursday Night live music at the Hood having played here on many an occassion with a variety of musicians. A versatile and highly talented muso and a Hood favouite. It's a given that I research as much as i can before advertising for our gigs, especially with artists i'm not familiar with. In my research of John Mason I have to admit that I was blown away with the material found. I'm looking forward to this gig like a kid looks forward to Christmas! For a preview of the original, unique talent that is John Mason and the UK band Cab Collective, of which he is a member go to the following links:



This is one not to be missed. A big thank you to Gina for giving us the tip on this one.

CAB 5 Dave Williams